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All About WOVV Radio Ocracoke

WOVV Chief Operator: Clayton Gaskill

Mission and Purpose

  Ocracoke Community Radio's mission is to provide the Village of Ocracoke, and its visitors, with a community-enhancing medium of education, information, civic discourse and entertainment through access to the public airwaves for locally-focused, regional and national programming produced by, and responsive to the needs of, our unique island community.

  WOVV's policies, practices and programming will always strive to support equality, peace, sustainability, democracy and social and economic justice.


  In 2007, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened a rare window for the licensing of new non-profit, educational, FM broadcast radio stations, a group of interested local residents organized Ocracoke Community Radio (OCR) in an attempt to secure one of these new licenses for a station at Ocracoke. This committee met on a regular basis for more than two years to formulate and execute a plan to get our community radio station on the air.

  Since only a non-profit entity can hold a license for this class of station, the Ocracoke Foundation (OFI) stepped in to apply for a construction permit to build and license a community broadcast station in the Ocracoke area, and to act as the license holder of record during the station’s construction and organizational setup. On February 29, 2008, the FCC granted a construction permit to OFI for a noncommercial educational FM station to be built and operated at 90.1 FM.

  OCR leased the present studio location on Silver Lake in January, 2009, and studio construction began. We created the website WOVV.org, which began streaming Creative Commons (open copyright) content on line until WOVV went on the air at 90.1 FM on June 15, 2010. WOVV acquired standard music licenses to broadcast commercially-available music and content on the air, but the online stream had to be suspended while we worked out the internet legalities. In June, 2011, we began to simulcast our on-air signal online through WOVV.org.

  The “Memorandum of Understanding” between OFI and OCR listed a number of criteria that OCR would need to satisfy before OCR would become an independent, nonprofit corporation and operator of WOVV. On December 31, 2011, the OFI directors declared by resolution that OCR had satisfied the requirements and began the process of transferring assets and control to OCR. In January, 2012, OFI began the final step by filing an application with the FCC to transfer the WOVV broadcast license to OCR, which we expect will be completed by March, 2012.

  WOVV fills the majority of broadcast time with a diverse range of music programming created by local community members. In addition to music programming, local community members produce and broadcast a variety of shows covering community affairs, local news and sports, topics of local interest, and interviews with a variety of people, both residents and visitors. We will continue to build programming relevant to our community and listeners, both on the island and off.

  Our broadcast calendar, the “official” version of our programming schedule, hangs in the air studio and is posted on our website. We continue to work to get more and more people on it.

Brief version of our History
In the summer of 2007, in response to a rare filing window from the FCC for full-power non-commercial educational broadcasting licenses,  the Ocracoke Community Radio Project was organized with the goal of obtaining a license and developing a locally produced and locally responsive FM station for Ocracoke Village and its visitors.

   With sponsorship and support from the Ocracoke Foundation we were able to file a successful application in Oct. 2007 and received our Construction Permit in Feb. 2008 to broadcast at 650W on 90.1 FM with the call letters WOVV.  During this filing window there were over 3600 applications for new broadcasting licenses.  Only about 250 were fast-tracked as singletons, non-mutually exclusive, and granted CPs by April; Ocracoke’s was one of those fortunate applications.

   During the Summer 2008 we have been developing our organization and held a  successful WOVV 90.1 FM “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”  Fund Raiser on Fri. June 13. We have established our initial Board of Directors to write our Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, start grant writing and underwriting efforts, recruit and establish a voting membership from the community and keep the process rolling along in general.

A Cool Video Timelapse of the space being transformed into the working studio we have today.

We would like to thank the following for their support during these early stages:

The Ocracoke Foundation

Ocracoke Civic and Business Association

Ocracoke Preservation Society

Hyde County Emergency Management

The Ocracoke School

Hyde County Board of Commissioners

Outer Banks Community Foundation


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