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Membership proceeds are what help keep our small Community Radio Station on the AIR. Memberships are only 25.00 per year for an Individual Membership and just 40.00 For a Family Membership.

Thursday August 11 from 12 noon until 3pm Ocracoke Bar and Grille is hosting a fundraiser for WOVV.
For each person who buys a membership O'Bar will give a FREE Ocracoke Bar And Grille Party Patrol Can Coozie. For each FAMILY Membership O'Bar will Give that person a Party Patrol can Coozie for each family member on the island up to 8 max per family.

Saturday August 13 Ocracoke Station will be hosting a Membership Drive from 10am until 1pm
For each Membership signed up at the Ocracoke Station, Ocracoke Station will give a free ice cream cone. For each Family membership will get a FREE Ice Cream cone for everyone in the Family that day.

Member Rights and Entitlements:
Membership in WOVV is more than financial support. It also gives you the opportunity to participate directly in the development of what you hear on the air, and in the process of actually putting it on the air. You may train as a station volunteer in creative, technical, and business activities. You could create and present your own programming, and otherwise contribute creatively to the growth of WOVV.

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